Wednesday, September 26, 2012

How to TT money overseas via Maybank2u?

This post is in answering a query on whatsapp. And I thought putting it in a post would be better than torturing my thumbs explaining them on whatsapp :-P. Hopefully all this info helps.

Firstly, in order to TT, please confirm that you have money in your bank account :-P and make sure it's more than RM250. If less than that, WTH?? You might as well stop reading this post.

Secondly, make sure you have the mobile phone you usually received your Transaction Authorisation Code (TAC) with you. If you are overseas make sure you paid your phone bills, the phone is not barred and it is set to roam this world haha... If the phone is left with your loved ones back home and you are overseas, get ready to be annoyed :-P Since you need the money transferred anyway, you have to be patient with them. Be ready to be calling to and fro several times to get that code from them, because they may confused your TAC code (6 digits) with the SMS code number (5 digits). And adding to your annoyance is when by the time they got it right, your time on the site is up or the code is no longer valid. Well, at least that's what happened to me grrrrr.... hahahaha... just have patience, money may arrived a bit late but all will be well :-)

Thirdly, make sure you have the following information with you before proceeding with the TT.
  1. Name
  2. Contact Number
  3. Address
  4. Email Address
  5. Recipient's Bank Name
  6. Recipient's Bank Account
  7. Bank Address and Branch Code (just in case - also the Swift Code for the bank)
Fourthly, Make sure you go to the right website. You don't want to transfer money through a fake website. If that's the case you might as well give the money to me ;-) If you are a first timer, please register to use MAYBANK2U and make sure you have your login ID and Password set. Another thing, you can only do TT between 10am - 6 pm, Monday to Friday. If you can time your TT to also coincide with the working hours of the overseas' bank, you'll usually get your money by noon the next day :-)

Fifthly, yeay!! This is where the fun begins :-) Once in the MAYBANK2U site, you'd have to go the Account and Banking ribbon/tab, then click on 'Transfer' and from the boxes displayed chose 'Foreign Telegraphic Transfer'. You'll now be forwarded to an external 'link'. This is when you need to key all the above details and the amount of money you wanted transferred. If you are planning on doing TT in the future using the same overseas bank, you might as well add the account details to the TT Maintenance List. You'll need a TAC to do that. Once all details are filled, you'll need a TAC to proceed with the TT. 

Next, you'll need to state the purpose for the transfer. It is wise to declare it's for educational purpose. You'll be charged RM10 for the TT on Maybank side and usually will be charged some other amount by the overseas' bank. In Australia, for e.g., the Commonweakth Bank will charged an additional $11, which will be deducted from your account with them. By noon the next day, if you are in Australia, you'll be AUD richer and MYR poorer. But from my point of view, you are poorer both ways :-P Happy TT ing!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012


I think one of the most naive things you can do in life is expecting people to have the ability to easily change (themselves, their characters, their attitude) because of or for you. I guess almost everyone would have this expectation one time or another in their life. But of course, you'd soon find out that it's almost impossible for someone to change, especially for the better or to accommodate you or adapt to your lifestyle, unless and until the person him/herself chose to do so.Sometimes you'd expect that if that person really do love or care for you, then it should not be that complicated to 'comply' to such expectation. But it's usually not the case, it's not that simple. The Qur'an has clearly mention in Surah Al - Ra'd, ayah 11: “Verily never will Allah change the condition of a people until they change it themselves (with their own souls)..." It may not make much sense to you, it may hurt you, it may cause you so much heartache, because all the while you believed that the change you expected from someone is the best for him or her, or so you thought... Sometimes you are blinded by such belief, it tested your patience and may drove you to the brink of insanity when after awhile (maybe after a long while) the change did not materialize.

It's necessary then to go back to basics. There's a need to realign your expectation for such change in the name of Allah. In other words, questioning yourself  whether the expected change would improve everyone's 'relationship' with Allah. Of course then, you'll need to also question whether the change you'd expect is really for 'the best' or is it merely your sole desire that you are trying to fulfill. If you believe that such change is for the best, then you'll have to be Istiqomah (consistent) in praying for the materialization of such change and not lose up hope that someday your prayers will be answered. It may take awhile, it may take forever and it may even be 'never'. But still, in the meantime you must believe that there must be a wisdom behind why your prayers for such change is yet to be answered. 

I know in the depth of your despair, this advice is not always easy to 'swallow'. You may even questioned the 'fairness' of it all. It's human nature. But you must always remember and believe in your heart that Only Allah knows best. As Allah says: “…and it may be that you dislike a thing which is good for you and that you like a thing which is bad for you. Allah knows but you do not know” (Surah Baqarah: 216) For the Prophet (SAW) once said, your patience in dealing with this trial (i.e. here refers to hope for change and the sorrows that come with it) will be a means of expiating your sins and will be greatly reward: “There is nothing that befalls a believer, not even a thorn that pricks him, but Allah will record one good deed for him and will remove one bad deed from him” (Muslim). So we have to have patience and trust in Him because He is the Knower of the unseen.Trust Him and Insya Allah our prayers will be answered. “And when someone puts all his trust in Allah, He will be enough for him.” (Surah at-Talaaq:3) And even if it did not get answered, consider all this waiting as a test; a sign of Allah's love for you. Like medication, at times they are bitter but yet it is still being given to the ones you love. In a Hadith it was mentioned: “The greatest reward comes with the greatest trial. When Allah loves a people He tests them. Whoever accepts that wins His pleasure but whoever is discontent with that earns His wrath.” (Sahih al-Tirmidhi).

Therefore, be content, even though you seemed to be at a lost, for you never know what lies ahead of you. Perhaps a better life, if not here, then in the hereafter :-)

*** I have strayed, but marked and changed.
Going back on course, with a space in my heart lying dormant till I'm off my chain
Till then or never, life goes on still ***

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Funny :-)

This post is dedicated to those complaining of my "meroyan" posts. And you know who you are haha...

I had a funny dream last night. It has been awhile since the last time I can actually remember my dreams vividly. In this dream I saw reconstruction of washrooms in the spaces allocated for elevators in a building. The building resembled No 485 of Melbourne's Latrobe Street.

I wonder what will happen when someone pushed the elevators' up & down button and the doors open with someone doing their 'business' inside hahaha...Interestingly, there's some sort of 'kolah' in the washrooms along with 'gayung' hahaha WTH??!! How can such a toilet be constructed in Melbourne? I was intrigue. So I went further down the hallway. I can see from the see-through 'glass' hallway, that it was almost 20 stories up. As I turned the corner I can see sort of a small cafe selling breads and kebabs. I was told it's owned by a Muslim. I even bought a kebab :-) Then next to the cafe is an office cum a musolla. I saw someone praying inside it. As I was buying my kebab, I was told by the cashier of the cafe that the whole floor is allocated for Muslim. And I thought, hmm... that is interesting, a whole floor for Muslims in a building right in the middle of Melbourne CBD. Well, that partly explained the 'kolah' in the washroom, then. Maybe it would be easier for Muslims on the floor to take wudhu' and what not. But it still doesn't answer the question what will happen when the washroom move up and down the floors hahahahaha...well, maybe they would miraculously change 'appearance' in other floors. I don't know what the dream meant. I thought it was funny, regardless. Maybe I missed Melbourne and the kebabs.One thing for sure I definitely missed Sydney Road's baclawa!! 

Anyway, speaking of funny, my children is back watching Kungfu Panda for perhaps the zillion-th time. I know it would be a generalization, but I do not know of anyone who have never watched it before. It's a wonder how children can watch the same thing over and over again. I think there's nothing more light hearted than watching your children laughing at the same jokes or funny action, as if they are seeing it for the first time. And especially Uwais, his laughters are contagious :-D Uwais (despite all odds - having not so funny parents) is the most cheery and funniest person I have ever known. He'd make jokes and didn't even realize it. Most times, instead of watching Kungfu Panda, it's enough watching him watching the movie. 

But Kungfu Panda is actually a real treat. Have you ever actually watched and listened to what Master Oogway have to say and wonder the wisdom behind his words? (Note: Oogway's words of wisdom often come from someone in the real world)

"There are no accidents" he'd say, sometimes more than once. Oogway is implying that everything that happens to us is meant to be, even things we considered as accidents! Meeting new people, saying goodbye to old ones, being in and out of relationships, being in happy events, traumatic events, going and returning to places, leaving old lives, building new ones, celebrating life and mourning death, these are all things that are meant to happen to us based on the choices we take. Regardless of whether they are considered good or bad for you, they must be looked upon in a positive way. Oogway is always positive. I think that's the key to deal with these life events. First, accept the fact that in our lives 'there are no accidents' and chose to be positive about it. 

P/S: Funny, how live events panned out, one can be so 'unrelated' to you one day, and become so close the next and vise versa. I guess there are no accidents :-)

Friday, September 21, 2012

Forgive me...

I wasn't being fair
I know that now
I wanted to have it all
I can see that now
If it's any consolation to you
I believe it was all good faith
If it's any better for you
I was broken and in pain 
If I could turn back time
I would; but I couldn't
In utter remorse
My soul in anguish
I will learn to bear this burden forever
I will teach dear heart to hold on 
But only if you could leave my heart at ease 
If only you could forgive me, please...

P/S: To all, please forgive me for all the 'meroyan' post. Thank you for all your concerns. I am sure I will find something to whistle about soon... :-D

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Yes Maam...

Nothing much has changed. I am still going to work with a heavy heart. When I'm in class, I feel a bit better, but that also depends on the students or class. I dare say I got pretty good students this time around. But some are just so blur - the word 'BLUR' are written all over their face :-P

I tried talking to a couple of friends of my 'problem'. Even went back on FB. The thing is, they can't diagnose a  'half-laid problem'. In the words of Nina LaCour " There are so many things I want so badly to tell you but I just can't" (Hold Still). And that's exactly what I'm doing and how I feel. 
But I always believe, most of our problems should only be 'discussed' between ourselves and Allah. No one else know better... Whether I will be able to navigate out of this 'dump' I am feeling right now, only Allah knows. And one of these days, I am sure I will find the way. 
As for my friends, based on whatever I told them, most of them would say I need some time. Time to get readjusted. I think that perhaps I have too much time in my hand. Perhaps I have no time at all. Who's to know when we will die... So I thought let's make the best out of my half-hearted functioning self. Let's be beneficial to others. Now when someone ring my office and offer me something to do - I'd immediately say yes. I'd say 'yes' first, then I'd asked what is it all about... (foolish, I know). Now, my calendar for September are already filling up until the end of the month. The tasks for the first week of October also look set.

I hope there won't come a day when I would regret saying 'yes' without contemplating the consequences of these responsibilities. As Moss Hart would once said "All the mistakes I ever made were when I wanted to say 'No' and said 'Yes'." Hopefully that would never be the case. My old lecturer Dr Z recently told me "there's nothing wrong to say 'yes' when you wanted to say 'no'. It is a gift from you to someone. Assertiveness is not always good. Giving is always better than taking. And one of the important requirements to be successful in life is TO GIVE..." Well, perhaps he is right - partly :-) I guess it all depends on the circumstances and mine now requires me to be busy, busy, busy in a bid to improve my motivation. Whether it will work, depends basically on myself, actually. I wonder how long will I ever be able to live with half a heart... 

It is a state of mind - I know - don't need to keep me telling me that!

Monday, September 17, 2012

Zero Interest

I seem to have lost interest in a lot of things nowadays. Life appears bland. For 4 years, I woke up everyday 'looking forward' to finishing my thesis and suddenly now I'm somehow without a point of focus. Friends still struggling to finalize theirs will definitely say I 'meroyan' to be feeling this way hahaha... Well, maybe I am :-p

Seriously, I am trying to pick up my life where I left off. But after 2 months it's not picking any momentum. I thought when I start teaching I will be alright, but so far I am dreading going to class. I think I still love teaching, however it doesn't seem to give me the joy I used to feel. Malaysian students' 'way' are also not helping. They are just 'there' accepting what you say without question. They all looked like baby birds ready to be fed and they are not even chirping!!

At home, most things are still left in boxes and I have lost interest in saying anything about them anymore to my DH. He'd say he was going to sort them out for the past few months and I have no interest to argue on 'progress'. Alhamdulillah, I have been given my own office room last week and I'm starting the make over project this week. Well, at least something to look forward too :-)

But other than that; life is back at doing the same 'mandom' things I used to do pre-phd and even more. I have even lost interest in watching any TV or movie or worst - reading for the past few months. Books still interest me but I couldn't get past browsing them and that's the most I do. And there's hundreds of them at home I haven't even touch, what more to read them.

I thought maybe I should have a new project. So I am trying to secure a new grant and start a research project. It seems to be starting off well; however I need to find the enthusiasm I used to have when I'm doing my PhD or else the whole thing will fall apart. Truth be told; I know life must move on and it will. That's what I kept telling myself. But apart from going along with my daily law of nature, I have no idea what 'move on' means anymore.

I am still talking to a few of my PhD friends, struggling with their PhD and sometimes told them of my 'problem'. Most would laugh it off. Well, at least they find solace in my 'craziness' ;-) for now they know that they are people more 'meroyan' than them. Most of them even have 'additional' family issues, so having crazy me as friends made life seems a bit fair hahaha... I wish and pray that they will finish theirs in time and joined me in my 'gilaness' :-p

I will need to snap out of this zero interest zone. At times, I even lost interest in food. I seem to be losing more weight in the past few weeks. My current weight is the lightest I have been in my adult years and I am fine with it. If I lose some more, then I will be 'flying'! I don't think that's a pretty sight ;-)

I now wonder; could it be I'm depressed. Post PhD blues perhaps? hmmm... don't know what to think anymore... Please, my Lord; lend me some light to see me through... The lyrics from 'Memandang Awan' suddenly crossed my mind, may Allah 'Hujankan diriku dengan sentuhan jiwa, biar menjadi kasih abadi'.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Without you...

Do you want the truth
I wonder if you can take the truth
I wonder if the truth will set you free
I wonder if it's really what I need
I wonder if it would really matter to you and to me

Everyday I lose a part of myself
While tears became a part of me
While everything around me are constant reminders of you
While you seem to lose yourself to things beyond reach

The truth is simple
The truth is beautiful
The truth is there in you
The truth is
I love you
Have always been
How complicated can it be

Is it so difficult to see
I can't survive without you
My love for you so deep
The thoughts of losing you
Makes breathing hurt
I am so lost without you

But heart
I can't live with you
If you're not free
I can't live with you
If there's only half of you
I can't live with you
If you are not you

Please, dear heart
How can you not see
I simply can't live without you
Please my lord; the Lord of Mercy,
The Most Compassionate, the Most Loving
Please make me whole again
Please, I beg of you my lord
Please shower me with your mercy, compassion & love
To hold me together
For I often wonder
In my heartbreaking tears
How can I live with half a heart
How can I live without you...

~ Selamat Menyambut Hari Malaysia untuk semua rakyat Malaysia :-)

Friday, September 14, 2012

Swimming Me

I went for my first swimming lesson yesterday at the Putrajaya Maritime Centre. It was supposed to be an 8 weekly lessons. The first lesson concentrated on breathing technique under water and trying to get one afloat.

The first lesson, breathing above for air and blowing bubbles through your nose under water was actually one of the scariest thing I've ever done in my life! I think my biggest problem was I was so nervous and I had so many things on my mind before I start the class. The pool's temperature was also pretty cold, making breathing somewhat harder. But I eventually managed to breath under water.

Then, the instructor was trying to see whether I can float. Seriously, I felt it was too soon for that. I was nervous as it is, and the ability to float requires me to do an additional step; to relax & straighten my feet. It's like trying to drive a manual car for the first time; but even more nerve-wrecking because now you're also trying to ensure you are able to breath for your life. When the sense of panic attacked, there's no way I can float. My heart was racing even faster than when I was involved in a car accident (or saw someone I had a crush on :-p) The instructor said heavier people tend to float easier that lighter people, which was rather contradicting when you first think of it. There's a scientific explanation of course. But how fair is that, you tried to get as fit as you can but you'd need more energy to stay afloat.

Until later in the day, my heart rate would increase everytime I think of the lessons and I'm not even in the pool. Suddenly, I was made aware of my immortality & how close it can be. I guess the feeling of drowning is the closest you'd feel to how death could feel. I doubt my ability to actually continue the lessons. At one time I even felt like giving up; somewhat uncharacteristic of me.

Then I told Aliyah how I felt and my frustration; especially of my inability to float. Aliyah had already master the ability to stay afloat. I was really dissapointed. I knew it would be difficult but I wasn't expecting I would be betrayed by myself. It's like your brain and body were not synchronised. One is fighting the other consciously and subconciously. I asked her whether I should continue the lessons; she said yes and told me "mama, it was only your first time". hahaha which was spot on; but I was chickening out already ;)

I tried to remember the time I spent taking driving lessons using a manual car. And I thought hmmm...I think I chickened out then too, but I eventually got it, funny thing I improved not really from the initial lessons but through practice & experiences in driving later on. I guess the same apply with swimming; I'd need time, maybe more than an average person, but Insya Allah I will get it. I need to believe in myself and relax; be cool ;) I need to get back in the pool...

Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Atas nasihat mama, aku dalam ‘rangka kerja’ menukar semua liabiliti, transaksi conventional kepada yang Islamic, ini termasuklah menukar insuran hayat Prudentialku kepada Prudential BSN Takaful, kad kredit Maybank kepada kad Ikhwan Petronas (Maybank) dan menjual apartmentku di Ampang. Ketiga-tiga liabiliti ini dilakukan dlm bentuk conventional kerana beberapa sebab, antaranya ketiadaan produk Islamik ketika transaksi dilakukan dan di dalam kes pembelian apartment, adanya kekangan penggunaan produk Islamik Perbendaharaan Malaysia apabila ada dua penama di atas perjanjian jual beli tetapi hanya ada satu pembayar. Tak tahu kenapa…jgnlah ditanya. Aku sampai skrg pun aku masih keliru. 

Urusan jualan rumah masih dalam perbincangan manakala urusan Takaful telah selesai, kerana agenku itu memang cekap bab-bab ambik duit org ni hahaha. In fact, dia adalah agen Melayu tangga tertinggi dalam Prudential dahulu dan Pru Takaful sekarang. Bayangkan daripada tiada apa-apa sampai boleh buka agensi sendiri. Boleh dikatakan seisi keluarganya meniaga Takaful skrg ni :-) Baik orangnya dan tak kedekut ilmu2 berkenaan insurans dan takaful ni. Dia juga pandai mengaturcara pembahagian pembayaran premium dan simpanan berdasarkan kepada keperluan dan melihatkan kepada latarbelakang kita. Alhamdulillah, so far no problem, in fact dah berbelas ribu gak aku keluarkan duit drpd akaun investment link Prudential sebelum ini. Jgn tanya mana perginya duit itu hehe.. rasanya byk dah derma kepada kerajaan Australia, takpun MAS dan Airasia :-P

Seterusnya adalah urusan penukaran kad kredit Maybank. Sudah lama pakai kad ni rasanya dari mula kerja. Pada mulanya nak berhenti sahaja menggunakan kad tersebut selepas pulang dari Melbourne dan menggunakan debit/ATM kad Maybank seperti di Melbourne jua. Tapi selalu sgt kad tu buat masalah. Asyik declined jer, padahal duitnya ada. Aku pulak tak suka bwk cash byk2 dlm tangan. Ada sekali tu, tinggal RM1 jer dlm tangan. Nak naik LRT  balik rumah perlukan RM 1.80. Bila bgtau mama, dia sound "Ko mintak lah kat sapa2 kat stesen tu nanti. Buatla muka kesian. Gaji ribu-ribu, RM20 pun tak leh bwk" hahaha...kena sekali. Tapi Alhamdulillah, kat stesen masa beli tiket, the counter staff baik hati bagi tiket concession. Selamat gak sampai rumah ;-)

Anyway, berbalik kpd kad kredit. Memandangkan aku rarely ada tinggalkan balance dlm kad dan boleh kutip point utk Miles MAS, aku fikir why not pakai jerlah. Tapi nak lah ditukarkan kpd yg Islamic, sebolehnya Maybank jugak. Aku bukan lah peminat tegar Maybank, tapi let's face the fact that Maybank adalah bank terbesar (dan terkaya) di Malaysia dan boleh dikatakan semua orang akan ada akaun di Maybank ataupun paling tidak ada syarikat/organisasi yang 'memaksa' kita menggunakan Maybank. Dan Maybank tahu fakta ini maka oleh sebab itu Maybank ini ada sedikit 'cocky' lah, tapi as I said before kadang2 consumer tiada pilihan. Aku rasa sepanjang bersama Maybank sudah 2-3 kali jugak aku pergi serang secara berhemah hehe... Mana tidaknya, kalau nak ambik duit orang laju, nak bagi balik macam-macam alasan yang diberikan, macam-macam langkah yang perlu dilakukan. Once tu siap kena buat polis report - alasannya - ini arahan Bank Negara!! BSnya!!

Sebelum proses conversion, aku call customer service dan tanyakan prosedur. Maka diterangkan proses tersebut melibatkan kita isi borang permohonan dan akan ada akad dsbnya. Diterangkan juga apa akan terjadi kepada balance di dalam kad sekiranya ada. Fine, I got that,  Then I went to the bank, staf yang menguruskan permohonan pulak non-Muslim - maka there goes the akad lah kan... pastu dia pun tak tahu apa-apa pasal conversion. Maka dia pun call customer service jugak. So I talked to the customer service staff kat depan dia. Tanyakan persoalan yang sama dan proses berkenaan. Kali ini customer service tu bagi a different information. I even asked her 'Are you sure of this? And she said 'yes, puan'. So relying on that information I filled up the form and submit it to the staff.

Today, the new card arrived and I activated it through customer service. Then when I asked what will happened to the old card, the girl said something which is totally different than the one I got from the customer service staff I talked during my bank visit. Aku explain to her of my previous conversation. Tapi apparently, dia mcm tak boleh buat apa. Pastu dia kata 'beginilah puan, why don't you write an appeal letter?' Adoi makcik nak tumbuh tanduk dah masa tu huhu... Mana taknya, sikit2 nak suruh tulis surat, sikit2 tulis surat.. Kalau gomen tu faham gaklah byk berukrasinya, ni Maybank, Bank with the most assets in Malaysia, kerjanya asyik ambik duit org pun nak suruh tulis surat jugak!! Bukankah sepatutnya mereka lebih efficient menguruskan pelanggan? Apalah susah sgt masa tu jugak nak settlekan my isu ni, bukan masalah negara pun, dahlah salah depa sebab bagi conflicting advice.

Then, I can sense the girl pun dah in distress ke under duress (by me) dan dah tak terkata... hahaha... Dahlah my problem kalau marah, mesti cakap omputeh punya, pastu laju pulak tu hehe...mintak maap lah, can't help it :-P... Then, I thought this is going nowhere. Buat menguji tahap kesabaran jer. There must be another way to go about this issue. So I said ' You know what, let me talk to your supervisor, I do not want to write any letter.' muwahahaha aku tgh sakit hati tu,  tapi masih 'maki berhemah'. She said, 'Ok puan, I will have him call you back.' Lama gak tunggu, almost an hour, sempat lah my DH kena dgr ceramah free drp aku pasal Maybank dan 'kemangkukan' depa. Hampir2 aku nak pick up and call semula ;-)

Alhamdulillah, dalam masa sejam tu aku sudah bertenang dan memikirkan strategi lanjut ;-) So bila supervisor tu call, aku dgr jer dgn tenangnya dan memberi penerangan dgn tenangnya jugak hahaha..tenang sungguh lah, sbb lepas habis penerangan tu I said "I know you can solve this issue, I know you can fix it through the phone, and I do not want to write any letter" hahaha walaupun aku dpt A1 BM and English, aku tak mo jugak tulis surat, lainlah kalau tulis surat cinta :-P penat jer call customer service sebelum, semasa dan selepas proses conversion, alih2 makcik gak yg kena tulis surat apahal kan... Then dia kata, "no puan, you don't need to write any letter, I will do it for you. Now let's talk about your options" Dalam hatiku 'yes!! berjaya!! tak yah tulis surat' hahahaha... Alhamdulillah jadi gak ayat2 powerku, tak sempat nak guna ayat2 biasa kalau serang Maybank, antaranya - if you don't fix this, I will bring my business elsewhere - chewah!! mcm byk sgt lah retaku :-P

Tapi I think what I got from my dealings with Maybank all these years is that byk perkara yang kita sebagai pelanggan tidak boleh ambil mudah. Sekiranya kita pasti situasi yg kita alami adalah akibat daripada advice drpd pihak bank yang salah dan mengelirukan kita perlu menyuarakannya. Janganlah terima sahaja arahan-arahan bank seadanya dan akur tanpa banyak bicara. I can't imagine berapa ramai yang selalunya akan buat begini. Bank pun dah tahu agaknya perangai pelanggan ramai yg mcm ni, maka depa pun boleh buat main-main jer. We should not let them off the hook so easily. Biar dia buat kerja lebih sikit hahaha... Lagipun bukankah sepatutnya 'Customers are always right'? :-P

Monday, September 10, 2012


I have never actually known anyone who 'like' to be kept waiting (for someone/something) but I knew a lot of people who 'like' to keep people waiting. How many times do you actually hear people say - "take your time I have all day"...well, sometimes you do, but they always come with a negative connotation. Haruki Murakami once said - “For a while" is a phrase whose length can't be measured. At least by the person who's waiting” (South of the Border, West of the Sun). How so true..

Imagine those times when you have to play the waiting game.Time seemed to move ever so slowly. The situation would usually worsen when you received no information whatsoever on the state of the person or things you are waiting for. Imagine the time when you paced the corridors of the hospital, while a loved one was going through surgery, the time when you sat for a major exam and wondered what the result would be, the time when you waited by the telephone waiting for a call from someone about something urgent. It's usually nerve-wrecking, bound by anxiousness, tempers can flare, the boundary of your patience tested and sometimes you ended up not able to do anything or moving forward (apart from perhaps bitting your finger nails :-P or browsing the web aimlessly). Once, I admit, I kept a person waiting for an important report overnight because I wanted the person to 'suffer'... haha evil me...well, actually I didn't planned it to be that way. I was thinking of the delay more as a cooling off period :-D, giving time to think things over hahaha... excuses, excuses... Well, we are cool, well at least I think we are :-). S/he seem to have kept his/her cool while 'lying in wait' (but at the back of his/her mind - only Allah knows)

But the key point was - s/he was patient. S/he waited patiently and did not rush me, despite his/her ability and capability to do so. And I eventually came up with the report (as expected - I am just too nice, opps sorry puji diri sendiri) and we managed to still go along with one another. So it's true, wise men say only fools rush in ;-) (hmm.. isn't that a song :-P). I guess when it comes to waiting, one would always infer that we need be to a patient 'waiter' (hehe betui ka term ni), but the truth is, it's how we conduct ourselves while waiting, that actually matters. Is it a good or bad attitude? Perhaps, considering how often we need to wait for in so many occasions in our lives, we should come prepared for such time - come with a book, come with other works needed completing, come with a smart phone or tablet fully charged. Don't just wait aimlessly, wait meaningfully 'and be patient. Surely Allah is with those who are patient (Surah Al- Anfaal: 46) 

P/S: Speaking of waiting. It's now been two months past my thesis' submission date. I am now filling up my calendar with so many tasks, in hopes to forget I am still waiting ;-)

It is a state of the mind ~ mine, sometimes :-|

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Myself - Part 5

My worldview also consisted of how I understood, see Islam and relate to it. I received my first basic knowledge of Islam at MGS, of course. And unlike my younger brothers and sisters whom received a more formalized after school Islamic education at the National Mosque, mine were rather laid back, no exam-based sessions at the Surau Istana Negara. I kinda liked the sessions. All the books were in Jawi and the closes we ever came to exams were the 'Tasmi'' / memorization tests. They were also short classes, I think if I remembered right the classes lasted less than 2 hours for only a couple of days in a week. Then I would walked back home, which was a few hundred meters away, passed my father's office and another quarters lot before reaching home. (By the way, since we moved from the area, the lots in front of the Surau has now been developed into the  the famous 'Ikan Bakar Bellamy' stalls :-))

Most of the 'Islam' I got in my early years in school was focused on Fiqh Ibadah, Fardhu 'Ain stuff, although the Ustaz would sometimes ventured into some extra point of views. But I dare say those early classes had a great impact on me. I have always felt being 'watched' since then. I would always have a conversation with God, asking Him at times why some of the things had to happen to me. Then, during my secondary school, since it was an 'Islamic' boarding school, I received a more 'advanced' version of the fundamentals. But during these early teenage and adoslescent years being all the way in KL, the teachings of Islam in my school was to my view very moderate, fundamental teachings and tend not to be affiliated to any particular organisation in Malaysia. The first three years before we moved school to Kepong, also saw me mixing with the other girls from the 'non-religious' stream classes in Puteri Wilayah. They were in my view then a bit 'different' of course. But early on, I learnt that the stream I was in was 'special' and the rest of the world (or school) belonged to 'normal' people. It was a bit complicated for I don't think back then the teachers had sufficiently explained why were we in 'tudungs' and the rest of the school's pupils may opt whether to wear them or not. Then, thoughts that those not covering their 'aurah' as 'bad' Muslim circulated. I can't helped being influenced too. In a way, these thoughts had sown a judgmental culture into us. It was not as problematic once we moved to the new school because we all became of the 'same kind and looks' but it had somehow affected how I saw the whole situation.

Embarking my study in IIUM saw me understanding Islam in a slightly diverse version, since the university not only serve students from all walks of life in the country but also worldwide. Until I studied in IIUM I have always considered the Malaysian version Islam I got from school, as the worldwide version. Of course, that thought was somewhat far-fetched, especially when it came to some of the locally and internationally group of students in IIUM. They were a wide range of students' background, including either from which state, school, status, organisational they came from and how they see Islam. For some groups, even their looks and appearance differs. 

For the first 3-4 years, I didn't think much of these differences. Although I noticed that those with the more 'pious' looks will only mingle with their kinds and the more modern outgoing ones would stick to their kinds too :-) As for me, I have always believed in a moderate Islam and I have never claimed to be in either groups. And truthfully, I couldn't relate to either.  One will be pointing to the other as less Islamic and the other will stressed on the 'rigidity' of the other. And that does not include the groups sponsored by some political or sect figures :-P They were even more confused lots in my view haha... Their vision of Islam was attached mostly to a particular figure. It was observing them, that I realized how shallow my previous view of Islam was and how problematic theirs can be. To me it didn't make any sense at all. Even my families, from both sides of my parents are mostly a strong supporter of one of these groups. Again, I can't really relate to how some of them projected Islam. To me there's just too many contradictions. How can one be so sure of one's 'Islamicity' based on looks and appearance?? Who are they to be the judge of that?? 

My final year had somewhat ingrained this 'not making sense' idea. Then I was involved in a stressful and heart-draining problematic case. I need to face this - most times alone. I had a couple of friends I knew from school also doing Law which I would consult from time to time, but the rest of my university mates remained as mere rumor mongers including the pious looking ones! Not much help there in solving my problems. At a point, when I can't stand it any longer I moved to another block, joining interestingly all the other outcast and misfits. It's with them I learn the true meaning of friendship. They had accepted me as their friends without questioning. We had this secret code of conduct, we only tell what is necessary, and if we are not comfortable, we will keep it to ourselves and the rest of us should not press for the matter any longer. When the time was right, some of them did actually share their problems. And I learnt not to be judgmental of their problem as I didn't want the same judgmental views from them. And the best of all, despite all their problems, they were kind-hearted to the core. Alhamdulillah, with them supporting me, I had still managed to concentrate on my studies and proved everyone how wrong they were about me. It's also with them, I understood that your dress code didn't necessarily, pass the Fiqh Ibadah, implied the depth of your understanding of Islam. Some of them saw Islam in a much more astounding overall concept, through a wider-lensed view of things. They saw Islam pass themselves. They saw Islam unselfishly. They saw Islam beyond appearance. They saw Islam as life. So I hold on to that, till today. Islam - my life. 

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

A Thousand Years

Hari ini masa drive to work, selepas session Bahasa Arab kat IKIM FM, switched channel and the other channel was playing Christina Perri's 'A Thousand Years'. Adoi aku pantang sungguh lagu ni! Mesti nak hujan rintik-rintik punya huhuhu...dengar first chord dah bergenang airmata, belum nyanyi lagi. Aduhai, apalah punya gila aku ni!! Apa masalah aku pun tak tahu (well, maybe I do :-P). Bukan aku pernah tgk pun citer TWILIGHT tu. Hari tu kat TESCO pun sama, depa dok run the song while I was grocery shopping, boleh pulak aku dok stuck kat satu aisle sebab sedih nak nangis huwaaa... kang malu pulak org tengok hehe... Inilah dinamakan melancholia tak tentu pasal, ke cari pasal :-P 

Anyway, hari ni terjumpa an instrumental version kat Youtube - on piano and cello. Ya Allah, ampun, tak tahan!! Subhanallah, Beautiful :-) Betapa Allah telah kurniakan mereka-mereka ini satu kelebihan, kelebihan menyentuh hati manusia. Alangkah baiknya sekiranya kelebihan ini digunakan untuk mengingatiNYA. Kalau rasa perlukan refresher air mata (dan keinginan untuk belajar piano/cello :-P) silalah tonton youtube di bawah. Don't forget your tissue box, and don't forget to praise the Lord :)

BTW: This is one of the most beautiful settings and way for a video clip - embracing nature :-)

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

LASIK @ Prince Court Medical Centre - Status Update

It has now been more than three weeks since my LASIK operation at the PCMC. The first week, my vision was rather blurry almost every other day especially during early morning. I can still see things, but I don't get the usual sharp (& smaller) vision I had from wearing glasses. But as the day went on, my vision will usually improved (when I asked about it during my checkup, they said it's normal, especially if one slept in an air-conditioned room, which tends to make the eyes dry) I was provided with a month's supply of VISMED, an eye lubricant drop. Although I feel I don't suffer from dry eyes, I used them up 'luxuriously'. One can never be too careful. 

Artificial eye drop
I know that since I did a blended vision LASIK my vision will never 20/20, but there were days when I can see things as close as to 20/20 especially when it's very sunny. I don't have too much problem with glare, although I can sense there's some astigmatism left. Night driving is alright, but the lights tend to 'spread' like it used to be, albeit lesser now. 

On the first week, I went to get myself transition lenses for UV protection and chose a full- framed glass. I haven't been able to carry full frame glasses for almost 10 years now because of the 'heaviness' of the overall lenses, nor can I do transition lenses without costing me a fortune, not to mention the days I have to wait before they are ready. Frameless glasses were also a no-no since my lenses will be too thick to stay in place for long. The transition lenses are for sole purpose of protecting my eyes from the sun's UV rays and carry no powers. It's ready for pick up overnight! 

Old habits die hard
People  may wonder what's the point of wearing glasses after LASIK. Well, for someone who've been wearing one for the past 25 years, it's not easy to let go of something that have been part of you for so long. There were times when I would still reach for my nose when I wanted to take wudhu' or wash my face and thought - silly me, it's no longer there :-) They have been part of my identification. All my recent identifications saw me with glasses. People describe me with glasses. The experience itself is nostalgic. Further, as some people would say - people with glasses look rather cool hahaha...  

But after LASIK, I have a choice, I only wore my transition glasses under the sun, outdoor. At home, they stay on the shelves. As my good friend, Najbah quipped - my glasses are now mere props to me (hehe...that sounds a bit like Clark Kent) I now have the freedom of movements without them. I can drive day or night without them. I can drive with any ray ban of my choice. I can play with my children without worrying about them. I can now see things in its exact ratio, things were no longer smaller in sizes :-) I saw my children as they are for the first time after LASIK :-) And for the first time in 25 years I can actually 'see' things. How amazing is that?! To me, it's a freedom in itself. I always thought I can only see clearly after I die. Well, I guess, that is no longer the case, Alhamdulillah.

The second week was rather problematic. I got a headache every other day. It gets worst when I am fasting. I thought perhaps I was putting too much pressure on my eyes to see as clear as I wanted them to be and maybe I was just a bit tired. I 'overdosed' on VISMED hahaha... But eventually, the third week, I learn to just go with the 'flow' of my vision. So  no more headaches. Vision during the day was almost excellent. Mornings would always be a bit blurry and night time was usually fine under the fluorescent lightings. Seeing things in the dark was also fine. 

The Prof giving her motivational talk :-)
My post surgery checkup with the Prof confirmed both flaps had healed nicely and my eyes are healthy, Alhamdulillah. She also confirmed that my left eyes was my dominant eye, and I didn't know which one was with power (at first I thought it was my left eye) because it has now blended accordingly. She then gave her motivational talk on to look forward, forget I ever did LASIK (well, my bank account won't allow me to do that :-P) and stopped complaining and only think of positive things, move on. Again she insisted, only people who always see the positive in everything will succeed in this life and the hereafter.

Anyway, I will give an update from time to time on the status of my vision. One of the staff nurse (who also did LASIK with her boss hehe) claimed that, in 3 months time, there will be more improvements to come. So Insya Allah, things will get better. Further, I felt fine with the way things are now. If it gets even better, Alhamdulillah :-)

Monday, September 3, 2012

Do you

Do you claim to know me
I don't think I do
Do you claim to love me
I won't be able to
Do you carry an open heart
I broke mine to pieces
Do you believe in another life
I've sown the thought in my soul
Do you think it's just you
I thought it may have been me
Do you think that
Perhaps we are demented
To have felt like we feel...

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Myself - Part 4

Issues of space and the fact that I have 6 siblings had also affected part of my worldview. Some of these views may have changed, but the basic foundation remains hehe... Mainly, how I was raised (and the 'sophistication' I got from the movies and books I read) had great impacts on, one - how I manage my finances and properties and two - how I see space and in turn, integrate with them, literally and technically.

First of all, my father was the one who gave me the foundation on money management. Instead of giving us a daily pocket money, he would gave us a weekly sum. So it's up to us how we spend the money on a daily basis. If we had spent the whole lot earlier in the week, eventually we would have nothing left near the end of the week, meaning we would have to 'suffer' during school recess/break. One of my brothers, ( I think he still does this haha) would bring his own lunchbox (clever him, will ask my mother to make him some - not from his pocket money, of course) and will save his weekly sum, weeks after weeks so he can buy himself his favourite toy. So early in our lives, my father taught us the need on how to manage our finances. Whether we all got it in the end is besides the point :-P. He also frequently impressed on me that we are not rich, money don't grow on trees (although there are so-called plants haha), stressed that he worked very hard to provide for us all, so we have to be careful how we spent our money. So these practice and 'restrictions' tended to bring the two sides of me in dealing with materials then. Sometimes I can be very particular with my money and some other times I can easily slipped into impulsed-shopping. However, being the first child in the family, I don't have problems sharing my belongings nor do I have too much issues of attachment with my properties which is in line with Islamic values. Yes, sometimes if I worked hard on getting my hands on something, and heavens forbid I lost it, I will 'mourn' over the lost. But never too long. I soon got over it. Nowadays, by getting to know more about how Islam see wealth and earthly materials and their supposed treatment, I rarely even 'mourn' when something 'slipped out' of my hands. I believe it's just not my 'rezeki' and I should just move on.

I also found that I have no particular interest of brands or what most people claimed as branded items, even now, when I have money to burn (no pun intended). I have no problems with them, although sometimes I think some of the brands are overrated. I believe the items I bought must first of all serve their purpose, regardless of brands. And when it comes to choosing between comfort and looks, I would usually go for comfort. So if a certain item has both, I wouldn't mind paying a premium for it if my finances permit :-). But I don't allow myself to be confined by brands or allow others to impart their 'brandedness' on me ;).

Second, when it comes to concrete space, for example my home, my workplace, I wanted them to be as 'zen' as possible, but at the same time capable of being useful to me and pleasing to the eye. My childhood saw my mother not being allowed much creative & decorative ventures. I think one reason was because she worked full time. We used to see more of our father, since he worked less than a km away from our home, then. Mind you, although my mother worked full time, she's very good with sewing, knitting and everything to do with it. She'd knit most of the table cloth and all the lounge set decorative covers. But after awhile I guess she had accepted the fact that it was not possible to decorate the house 'fancily' with the 6 of us running around the place. Everything must only be practical & useful. Fullstop!

But this actually brought the interior designer in me when I bought my own place. I love a mixture of modern design and wood based interiors. Key point still remains, they must serve a practical function. I hate clutters and things that's out of their place. I usually wanted things to be 'hidden' than exposed. However, that's a bit problematic with people like my mother or my husband whose only worry is practicality more than asthetic values of certain interiors. Fearing turning into an OCD person and stressing myself out, sadly most times I'd just 'close one eye'. But exposed clutters, especially made by others, really stress me out.

When it comes to private space, it had always been something I treasured even before we moved to Ampang. Since there's 6 of us, and my mother worked full time, my parents had to employ lived-in maid. We had so many throughout our childhood, I myself had lost count. All Malaysians, then. When I was a child, I used to hate most of them hehe... Then, I was thinking why must my parents paid a maid but I still need to do most of the laundries and chores. Back then, there was no automatic washing machine and my younger siblings wore cloth nappies. Layers of them. And at 11 years old, I had to hand wash them all almost everyday!! I saw nothing fair in that. Still doesn't hahaha... Well, I guess, I was helping reducing the maid's duties for they always threaten to run away. To me all the maids were 'just there', didn't impart much development to myself. Further, I need to share whatever remaining space I had with her. Sometimes, I had to let go of mine too. I remembered one of my maids complaining I was always watching English movies or dramas while she wanted to watch Malay ones ;) Bummer! So when others waited till they had children to 'experience' live-in maid, I was surrounded with them since I was 7. Our last one worked for us for almost 7 years till 1995. Regardless of how these maids may have had assisted my parents caring for us, I must say having them were experiences I would not want my children to go through, ever. The only thing that saved us then was the fact my father worked close by. He will be home for lunch to check on us. And the fact he's back for lunch almost everyday was a memory I will not forget. Alhamdulillah, so far, I have manage to avoid having one. Maybe I will have a maid in the future, but definitely not for caring my children. Hence, all these experiences in turn affected how I tolerated space or the lack of it. I hate 'unnecessary' crowds or being in one. I can stay by myself countless hours if need be. I enjoy company but usually on my terms. All somewhat ingrained from my needing to juggle 'space' in my childhood.

~ Selamat Menyambut Hari Kemerdekaan ke 55 buat semua Rakyat Malaysia :)