Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Kau dan aku

Mimpi kita tak sama,
Walau jiwa serupa,
Biar apapun daya,
Hidup kita berbeda.

#hakikatnya kita di pinggir kerinduan yang sama, namun rasa itu hilang entah di mana

kembali kita di titik mula yang lalu, bermula semula dengan harapan yang baru menjelma...

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Students, the law and love

It was a serious disciplinary case. The police was involved and the student's parents stayed back wondering about his future in the university. At one point in time the mother was saying something along the line - 'with the case, gone are the chance for him to get a job with the government'.

My heart sank, thinking - it's 2015 and parents still carry these kind of mentality, that the best bet for their children's future is by them securing a job with the government. They reminded me of my mom. But my mom was born in the 50s and raised through 60s and 70s, where such mentality is rife. My mom worked as a civil servant for 38 years, servicing various departments & ministries, and experienced the good and the bad of life as one. 5 of us currently serve as civil servants either with the government or statutory bodies. And I dare say, 2 of my siblings were highly encouraged by her. I, myself chose my line of profession first, before I chose where I planned on serving. Eventually I joined a Public University after a short stint with a semi private one.

I would have thought that time have changed and such tendencies have long gone now. But I guess I was wrong. The future of your children does not lie with the government nor does it lie with anyone else. And for god-sake, it's not the only future for them.

What made me feel even worst then, was thinking that, the student's mother has such thought coming across her mind - worried about his chance of getting a job with the government - rather than wondering why the boy had been involved in such illegal activities.

I am not a counselor, but I told the parents that his actions are all symptomatic of something even bigger. They need to sit down together and talk about it. They agreed with me, but I'm not sure whether they see what I see. They looked at loss with what's happening and there I was sitting through it all praying that I will never be in their position. I need to learn from all of this and avoid it from ever happening. I need to make sure my children and my students turn into useful, beneficial kind of people to others.

I noticed something missing in their relationship with their children. There's this connection or bond that they don't have. It's not the first time I'm seeing it. It seems to pop up over and over again with many other serious disciplinary cases that I've gone through before. The students had no real bond with their parents.  It seems like their only connection to their parents are merely biological. It's disheartening. Made me wanna run home and hugs & kisses all my children till they suffocated.

I pray I will never forget. That's one reason I continued dealing with students disciplinary cases. Some students, through these cases are still able to be saved, some remained as a lesson for me. Some students took disciplinary actions and changed for the better. Some are even my former students. Every time I met them, I made sure they will never forget that they are not to return to any disciplinary hearing in the future. They took it in jest, but I know they got me loud and clear. There are some that we have to let go. From time to time, I highlight these issues in class, although I do wonder whether any of them actually stick. Well, at least some discussions do become a reminder of sorts, as can be seen here

Anyway, it can be frustrating and exhausting at times. But the fight must go on. In fact, I started the month, sitting in a 2 days Seminar with the Uni's PUU himself, Emeritus Prof Shad and the rest of the gang from all over Malaysia, sieving through all the issues involved when dealing with the law and its application for the campus and the system as a whole. It was enlightening, it was fun meeting former colleagues, friends and new ones. We had a great sharing session for 2 days and I think most of us appreciate the support given to us by the whole PPUU team and hope to have a better working experience together in the future. 

Prof Shad in his parting text, note the following:
"It was such a privilege to host all of the Campus LAs. My most sincere thanks to all of you. I pray that your campuses grow in quality and strength and you grow with them in your career. I will carry warm memories of this meeting. Till we meet again. May God keep you in the palms of his hands."

Ameen & most welcome to him and his team, and many thanks too. Similar prayer apply to everyone, In Sya Allah. :-)

Prof Shad while giving his Opening Speech

In the meantime, somewhere in Shah Alam....

This girl and her siblings were busy ransacking their hotel room :-P
P/S: I have been busy you see...I am sorry for the one liner post or even the title post only. It started off that I had wanted to block the date for the post, but eventually I got carried away by many other things, so I did not finish up my writing. Many excuses, of course hihi...

So I promise to update on these two posts Adventurous Weekend & Packed August soon. In Sya Allah.