Saturday, July 29, 2017


Sometimes you find after all your hard works and efforts to ease other peoples' life's, there would still be one or two people who got your intention all wrong, see everything in a negative light and shows no sense of appreciation at all.

Yes, it's frustrating. But mostly to me; annoying. I meant not only you don't appreciate other people's efforts, but you take an additional step to put other people's down in order to build your own deluded self-image. I'm annoyed because you are such a waste of my time.

I have long accepted the fact that, I shall never receive any appreciation, recognition nor acknowledgement for all the good deeds I do from people. I should not be expecting any, because they are not the right person I should turned to. I am okay with that.

I just have no patience with pest. And there's just too many out there. They are not really important, but if you don't deal with or ignore them earlier on, they become a cancerous presence in your life.

Yes, a cancerous parasitism pest!