Monday, June 15, 2015

Catching up with Sofiyah :-)

Up till last weekend, most people who rely solely on certain social media to connect with me doesn't really know I have a new child.

It's alright, though, because personally, it was rather intended - partly that is. Yes, I had wanted to keep Sofiyah out of the 'limelight' for awhile, but mostly it was due to the fact that I no longer have the luxury of time to sit idly to write about her or life in general.

She is growing up so fast, I am barely catching up with her, what more to write about it. So I spent my days watching her antics and enjoying her as my baby. Last time I looked it was January, but now it's June, and in 6 months time she will be a year old. 

Last weekend we had her Aqiqah with the rest of her cousins, and this week she had started propping herself up to sit. It feels just like yesterday that she was a month's old. When I told some friends, how I am slightly sad by her speedy ability to reach her developmental milestones, they almost don't get it. I am happy and grateful that she's the healthy, bumbling, chubby baby that she is, but I am wary I won't remember how she felt in my arms when I first brought her home, I won't remember how it felt like to watch her sleeping like a wonderful baby that she is, I won't remember how she first smelt, the smell of heaven, people say. I am sad, because this - this meeting with this beautiful created soul, will never come again. Time will pass and I know I will not be able to remember them all, so I wanted to savour all that I could now, while it last. I turned 38 this year, and I doubt I will be given another chance like this. So Alhamdulillah, what matters now is just seeing to her care & needs.

Sofiyah with Kakak Aliyah :-)
Yes, she looked different from Aliyah. She carry her own looks hihi...
Uwais adore her to the max, oh well! everyone does :-D

Cheeky Sofiyah ;-)

All 2015 babies, Sofiyah (Jan), Bashirah (Mac) & Zahin (May) :-D

We also celebrated my youngest brother's wedding :-)

She is in competition with work at times, but most times, I couldn't care less what happens at work. When I'm home or when I decided a line is to be drawn between my life and my job, she wins all the time. Truthfully, my job is part of my life, and my life is my family and my job. Their interconnection is, most of the time, fine with me, and I bet for the children too. The children tag along to work sometimes, experiencing life in campus as I have always wanted, watching me tutor or lecture or spent time rummaging through my office. My colleagues even babysit the baby and the children a couple of times, so everything is fine, In Sya Allah.

I moved into my new office this week. New post, new challenges. (Can you spot my 'Ferrari' out the window? :-P) 

All I need and have always needed is a little more patience, not only with everyone, but also with myself :-) Please keep all of us is your prayers...I will try to do the same. It's the very least I could do, sometimes. Some other times, I'd try to do a little bit more. In Sya Allah :-)

A/T: My "chalazion" decided to go away by itself. Took a while. This week it's really cleared. Alhamdulillah. Thank you too to anyone that prayed for me. Haha I've been going around asking everyone I assisted, to help pray for my eye.