Monday, February 29, 2016

Leaping Day

I thought that since I won't be seeing today's date for another 4 years, so I wanted to pen down how my day went.

Today, is the starting of a new semester for me. I will be covering courses similar to the previous semester - Malaysian Legal Principles & Malaysian Company Law.

8 am, I arrived at my class and most of my Company Law, part 4 students were already waiting outside the class. They were all familiar faces since I have taught them when they were in part 2. So mostly I kept my introduction short, briefed them on the course contents and assigned them to read up on Salomon v Salomon & do their learning styles questionnaire.

10 am, I joined a group of my colleagues for a workshop training of the UiTM academic system using the Student Information Management System (SIMS).

11.30 am, had to rush to a short meeting for the campus' auditors. Internal audit will be conducted in 2 weeks time so the auditors' team need to be prepped.

12 pm, I break for lunch.

2.30 pm, the SIMS workshop continues

4 pm, the workshop ended & l'm off to my Malaysian Legal Principles class. They were all part 1 students, so I wasn't expecting a full class as yet, considering most of them had only registered some time after lunch. Anyway, a few of them did turn out, all huffing & puffing because they were late. I asked about their activities for the day and dismissed them until the next lecture which would be tomorrow evening.

6 pm, I'm done with my day at the office.

Did nothing much through out the night, spent some time frying rice, watching the Oscar's clips and basically writing this :-)

Imagine, another whole day is gone, Alhamdulillah. Not sure whether I have made full use of my time today. There's just too many things on the agenda, I wondered if any of it is actually stucked on my mind 😛

Whatever it is, that's how I spent another of my 29th of February...


We took a short break last week to attend my Faculty's conference in Melaka. On the way we dropped by KUIM to visit my uncle. This was our first time in KUIM. The campus is quite comel, but there's more room to grow. We left soon after, afraid the boys will continue ransacking my uncle's office. They finished off all the cookies, candies, used up his toilet and his rocking chair :-P Buat malu kampeni ajer, hahaha

(Note that this was our first time meeting him at the office, felt rather awkward, should have just stick to family occasion)

KUIM's ground
Look at that girl - busy body here and there :-P
Anyway, while I was away at the conference, the kids did what they do best - dipping in the pool :-) And the best part, they all ate free at the hotel, breakfast, lunch and dinner. The food was great, the spread was marvelous too. It's a good break actually, especially considering that even the hotel stay was free too, Alhamdulillah :-D

She hates being dipped in water actually. But eventually she went with the flow :-D

Sunday, February 28, 2016

What to do when your car is stolen?

...and it is still under a hire purchase agreement.

So this is my experience, some time late last year. You can check it out HERE.

Hopefully, this helps others under the same predicament like me once upon a time :-) 

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Annoyance Threshold

Hari ni around noon, 8 years old Haziq, anak Kak Faizah, kakak Feddy (my sis in law) passes away after almost a month struggling with Steven Johnson's Syndrome, Innalilahiwainnailaihiraji'un.

I received the news while still at the office dealing with timetable generation, ding dong dgn big headed staffs yg perlu dituntun buat kerja sampai rasa menyampah giler, trying to paksarela staffs to start off a teaching innovation project for a competition, settlekan review article utk Simon, reconfirming appointment with UHEK for my code's rubrics, and planning for my trip to the JPJ tomorrow morning!

I really wanted to see Haziq for the last time, so I had to pick up everyone from school early, drive everyone home, clean up, solat & drive to Pandan Indah before Asar. I decided to leave Sofiyah at the babysitter & drove over to Kencana with Aliyah. Merempit aku nk sampai in due time.

Alhamdulillah, we got to see Haziq and his family just in time before solat jenazah. Haziq no longer looks like his old self. I can't imagine the pain he needed to go through for all the while he was suffering with the SJS. Hikmahnya, skrg Haziq dah tak menderita lagi dan bakal mendoakan bonda ayahanda di syurga, In Sya Allah. Namun pastinya, bonda ayahanda, kekanda-kekandanya bakal jadi perindu tegar Haziq yang merupakan seorang penglipur lara keluarganya selama ini. Aku doakan mereka tabah. Dalam masa sesingkat kami mengenali Haziq pun kami terkesan dgn kehadirannya apatah lagi lah ahli keluarganya. Semoga Allah hadiahkan kebahagian berkekalan di akhirat kelak dan bakal bertemu kembali di Jannah, Ameen.

I saw Mama at the funeral and got to chat with her about her doctors' appointment today and the grueling treatment schedule all the way till before Ramadan. May Allah have mercy on Mama. I can't comprehend much, too many things going on at the same time, plus it's a really hot day! Masa waiting for funeral pun ada org dok call lg pasal conference this weekend.

I then rushed back to Seremban to pick up Sofiyah. Lunyai bdn lagu ni! On the way, reports about the registration for the teaching innovation competition came in too. Ada part peraturan yg aku tak faham, part bayaran pun aku tak faham kenapa isu yg asalnya mudah boleh jd so complicated?! Dan disebabkan threshold annoyance aku dah sampai limit, aku maleh nk fikir sgt, or else I will simply sembur everyone in the wassap group...

Pastu tetiba alih2 ada committee conference weekend ni dok contact aku mlm2 tanya pasal staff yg opt nk dok bilik single, wondering whether they know depa kena bayaq top up beza kelayakan?? Aku pun dah konpews - tadak akai ka? Dah kelayakan dok berdua, tp nk dok sendirian berhad, mestilah kena top up!! Awai2 lg aku dah habaq kot. Paihtu p tanya lagi, saspen lah aku. Rupanya, nak jd cerita ada yg tk mo byr top up,  tak tau kata kena top up, so tak mo, nk tukaq balik la kot ke twin sharing! Aduhai!! Nyusahkan sungguh! Kalau aku dpt tau org tu mai dr Jabatan aku, Siap!! Aku titik2kan tangan dia! Geram betui!

Sabo je la...sakit jiwa betui manusia gini. On one end, I know of Kak Faizah yg zuhud je orgnya, berusaha redho dgn pemergian anakanda tercinta dgn segala kekurangan yg ada, and on the other end I have pensyarah yg gaji ribu-ribuan yg nk dok mewah tp dok bising2 tk mo byr top up bilik sbb tak tau, which in my mind doesn't make sense at all! Lain kali buat hotel sendiri je la. 202 je utk 2 mlm kot, hotel berbintang2 di langit pulak tu! Aku pun tak faham daaa...

Seriously, mmg annoying giler...

Ya Allah, semoga kau jadikan aku lebih tabah utk tinggikan threshold annoyance limit aku ni. Parah kalau mcm ni selalu huhuhu