Friday, May 22, 2015

Life as it is: A Running Update

Introducing...My new girlfriend :-D  

Come 1st June, I will let go of my LA position for my campus. It's actually very relieving. I find the position which was designed to fill a specific portfolio for the campus rather daunting. But what made it worst for me is, being in a portfolio where I could do the least amount of change. I'd rather teach and work with students instead.

But why bother now. Let's just move on. I am taking over another portfolio which, I find much more suitable for my talents. There's just too many things needed to be completed these past couple of weeks to catch up with the workloads of this position.

For awhile now I have been lobbying for more law lecturers from the authorities all over the UiTM system. Alhamdulillah, my application was considered justified & 2 more lecturers will be made available to serve the law department by the end of the year In Sya Allah.

A Legal Unit is also in the pipeline & the proposal is slotted to be presented next week. The Boss is happy with the idea & my team has help me draft an excellent working paper and I hope by next week the unit will be up & running officially. In fact, today the unit has already started one of its activities, discussing our MOU for the University with Zakat NS. I hope the MOU will be signed come Syawal this year. I am confident the unit will have a great impact for the university with many more activities being planned in the near future.

Running here & there with 14 hours of class still tagged to my workload is not an easy task though. It's very tiring actually. Next week, is another full week. On Thursday alone, I have 4 functions running at the same time. Craaazzzyyy!!! Ok, whatever.  I will split myself into 4, then :-P

On top of that my right eyelid is suffering from chalazion. It's not painful or anything, just annoying. I am still hoping it will go away on its own, or else I'd need to schedule a minor surgery. Funny thing is, I don't even have time to just stand around, what more to schedule an eye surgery. 

Anyway, in the meantime my baby girl is now in her fifth month. Happy & cool girl she is. I told my team, sometimes over and over, when in doubt, always choose your family first. Everything else will follow through, In Sya Allah. So I'm really happy going home, and no longer care to work at home no more. Too tired anyway. Better watch my baby grow. I also told them, when you're not well, then take care of yourself first. Other things or other people can wait. Maybe I should take my own advice and work out some time to head to the hospital soon huhuhu

A/T: Aliyah turned 11 today, ;-) Alhamdulillah :-D