Friday, September 30, 2011

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Annyong Haseyo in Seoul - Day 1

Disebabkan lapar, kami decide utk jalan-jalan cari makan ke Itaewon yang dikatakan banyak tempat makanan halal. Selepas makan cadangannya untuk ziarah Masjid Seoul Central yang juga terletak di Itaewon. Kami ke Itaewon juga menggunakan subway train dr line kami Line 2 (Green Colour Line) di Sinchon perlu bertukar line ke Line 6 (Brown Colour Line). Masa inilah baru aku tahu betapa extensivenya line-line subway train Seoul. Ada 9 semua nya, bersimpang-siur, atas bawah, 2-3 tingkat, hampir kesemuanya di bawah tanah. Sepanjang di sana, kami hanya guna train sahaja. Murah, cepat dan tak yah pening2 tanya orang2 Seoul yang tak reti ckp omputeh ;-) Lagipun, traffic Seoul adalah sgt sibuk. Pulak depa drive on the wrong side of the road..ha..ha.. Boleh dikatakan hampir lunyailah phamplet train Seoul tu jadi rujukan aku sepanjang kami di sana. :-D

Have to go all the way to Seoul to eat a Turkish Kebab ;-)

Monday, September 26, 2011

Flying Times

Time really flies. September is slipping away from my hands. There's just too many things occurring at the same time that I couldn't even manage to sit down and update some of the events that have been going on in the past couple of weeks.

Alhamdulillah, the rest of the clan have recovered from the flu bug recently. In between them not being well, I manage to attend a couple of seminars, one including meeting Professor Andrew Harding, an expert on South East Asian law, speaking on Malaysian 'Social Contract'. Nothing that controversial, but he did view that the idea of Malaysia never being colonized as being 'absurd'! :-)

With Prof Harding after his talk @ Uni Melbourne 
{a snap that took hours to 'touch', I think I need a new mobile phone ;-)}

In the middle of September, we had the chance to join the LTUMSA's celebration of Malaysian Day at the AGORA. It was interesting to see how the locals 'interact' with our 'diversity' and also see how we are being seen by others. Anyway, it was a fun day, lounging around in the middle of the AGORA, which truth be told, I have never done before. Well, come to think of it, I have never celebrate Malaysia Day before he..he.he..  

The boys trying out 'congkak'
Then I needed to finalise my paper for a Law Conference in Seoul and decide whether to present another paper at a Law Postgraduate Conference in Sydney next month. As I was trying to speed up my overall writing, so I always plan to present different aspect of my thesis, instead of presenting a somewhat 'similar' paper in different conferences. But of course, writing takes a considerable amount of time.  All my weekends in September were  filled up with Open Houses invitations. Even with one house a week, I found myself exhausted. I couldn't fathom how some of my friends can 'deal' with 5 houses in a day! I guess, by the time they reach the third house, they would have to 'ambil bau' only ;-P. So regardless, there goes my weekend working hours. I am definitely pressed for time. And home is not a very conducive place to work. I'd rather play with the children :-P 

I have also had to squeeze in interviews and site visit to two Family Relationship Centres, as a way to corroborate some of my online data. With that out of the way, I needed to prepare an outline of the conclusion chapter for my monthly meeting and prepare for my trip to Seoul. In between those preparations, I have to meet my other supervisor at least a couple of minutes every other day to discuss my discussion chapter reviews because he's so busy that he would just called for a meeting whenever he had some spare time to sit with me. Luckily, the school is out this week, so I had some leeway to maneuver my working hours and lengthen them. This is also important, since I also need to express some milk for Luqman considering I will be away for 5 days. In order to gain a sufficient amount of milk reserves, I need to 'built' them up by being away for 'quite' a while. {Mana mungkin  ditinggakan begitu aja. Nanti bisa dipersoalkan dan mempersoalkan mengapa anakanda tidak disusukan kerna ibundanya di dalam kesibukan dan kejauhan ;-)}

Anyway, up till today, my powerpoint slides are not ready, I have another meeting in a couple of minutes and all my bags are not packed, and I am travelling to a non-English speaking country and my itinerary is not yet ready..... ooooo ok whoosa...whooosa... Allahumma Yasirli....and I will see you all in Seoul, Insya Allah. :-D

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Plan B

Recently, my supervisor said - "You must now think of a plan B." And when I 'flashed' my sign of disapproval of that statement, he nailed the statement again - "EVERYBODY must have a plan B!" referring to all 3 of us Malaysian, under his supervision. Argghhh...all this while not even an iota of such an idea was implanted in my brain. I refused to talk about it nor think about it. But as my supervisor said - "It's always good to have a PLAN B and all of you MUST have a plan B" - full stop. No argument there!

And September seemed to be going along with his advise that PLAN B is a must.

Due to the 'Spring Fling' weather that mimics winter and the flu bugs that have been going around, the rest of the family is not doing so well. For the past week or so they had terrible cough, that seemed to rocked the house. At times, coughing and sneezing in syncronization, no pun intended. Then there're the late night and early hours fever, which drived me into sleeping zombies - armoured with rectal suppositories, paracetamol and fever cooling patch, along with extra buckets for the 'puke encounter'! For the past week or so, it appears that I might be the only person in the house not yet affected, so as a prevention and defence mechanism, I have succumbed myself to a daily dose of medication too. So far, not too bad. But I am outnumbered by sick people here! It appears to be a matter of time before I become infected myself. But I am praying that such would not be the case, Insya Allah. I just couldn't afford to be sick now - well, that's what I kept telling myself. But truthfully, between being unwell and catering for the unwell, requires just the same amount of person - ME!  

On top of that, I have two papers due before the end of the month. The second one can't get completed, unless I finalised the first one. I need to make some sites appointments and observation for my study and prepare for a conference at the end of the month. There's also a couple of interesting and relevant seminars run in these few early weeks of September, which requires time away from my workschedule. One of the Seminar - the 'Completion Seminar' also further enhanced the fact that I might have underestimated certain aspects in the timeline management of putting things together of the thesis. Even printing could take a whole week! And now, instead of continuing writing, I am writing this - thinking, how's the children doing at home, and planning for their visit to the GP later in the day. So perhaps, I have to think of that Plan B after all. hmmmm...

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Sedetik Lebih...

Nobody said it was going to be easy
I know that now
After almost 10 years
My worst enemy is myself, constantly battling perceptions 
But I know that now in order to be accepted by my Lord, I myself must be accepting
Until then, little matters
And in this journey of self discovery, come what may, there will be this one person who will strive to be there for me
May I have the inner strength to not fail him...

Happy Father's Day to my Dear Husband.
Where fatherhood is an everyday adventure... 

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Syawal kami...

Syawal yang bermula di penghujung Winter & permulaan Spring!

Sambutan Syawal di Victoria bermula pada hari rabu, 31 Ogos. Manakala kebanyakan tempat lain termasuk Malaysia menyambutnya pada 30 Ogos. Dua malam lah dok calling2 Malaysia sebab malam pertama abah kata tak leh nak wish Selamat Hari Raya lagi...ha..ha.ha betul gak kan.

Anyway, tahun ini walaupun baru dua kali Aidilfitri di perantauan, tidak lah berapa sedih pilu sgt, sbb tahu tak lama lagi nak balik dah Lagi satu aku tahu, di Malaysia raya pertama adalah pastinya lebih pilu lagi kerana Mak We sudah tiada bersama merayakannya sekali :-( In a way, berhari raya kali ini, make up aku maintain ;-P

Aku berasa sangat senang raya kali ini, kerana sambutan hari raya Desa Bundoora semuanya di buat di dewan International College La Trobe University berhadapan dengan Barnes Way, kawasan rumah kami. Jadi drpd Takbir malam raya, solat sunat raya, sambutan hari raya dan open house, kami berjalan kaki shj ke situ. Di dalam cuaca musim bunga, kami menapak ke sana, terasa seperti kami berjalan raya ke rumah sanak saudara di Malaysia pulak. Seronok rasanya. No pressure! Alhamdulillah, kemudiannya kami memenuhi jemputan ke rumah teman-teman yang turut membuat rumah terbuka. Terima kasih.

Khutbah Raya by Ustaz Azizi.

Kenangan terindah Aidilfitri kali ini pasti menggamit perasaan rindu terhadap kehidupan kami di Melbourne ini kelak. Walaupun sangat ringkas, tetapi sangat terkesan di jiwa. Semoga ianya menjadi pemangkin kehidupan yang lebih bermakna di masa hadapan di tanahair nanti, Insya Allah. Amin.

Whatever you feel looking at this snapshot - it's mine too :-D