Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Nasi Lemak Kerang

Alhamdulillah, aku dan Luqman sudah selamat tiba di tanahair. Menu permulaan utama idaman hati - ialah nasi lemak kerang! Di atas flight Mas hari ini sememangnya dihidangkan nasi lemak jugak. Malangnya nasi lemak versi Mas is doing nasi lemak sedap semalaysia an injustice! So kenalah dapatkan yang asli dari gerai Abg Topi di sebelah surau Al-Amin di Bangi. Sedapnya, sehingga licin tinggal kertas bungkusan dan daun pisang saja!! he..he..he

Hajat hati selepas sarapan pagi nak qadha tidur. Maklumlah naik kelas ekonomi, lagu mana pusing pun, tak lah boleh tidur seindah kelas di hadapan lagi :-D Lagipun, risau jugak, kalau tidur sedap, silap2 Luqman lompat keluar bassinet pun aku tak sedar last2 nya yang indah dibuai mimpi adalah Luqman saja. Aku pulak 'terpaksa' bersengkang mata menonton kehebatan Stephen Rahman Hughes di dalam 'Hikayat Merong Mahawangsa' dan documentary berkenaan 'Alcatraz'. 

Masalahnya, dari selepas sarapan jam 8.30 pagi, Luqman pulak buat 'inspection' rumah atuknya. Habis semua ceruk dia nak pergi, semua benda dia nak capai, semua perabut dia nak panjat. Aduhai, pening berkejar! Tapi yang bagusnya, Luqman tak takut orang. Semua orang tegur dia ok jer. So seronok jugak lah. Yelah dah lama tak jumpa, kalau nak melekat jer kat aku, manalah dapat nak melepaskan rindu dan nak bergurau-senda.

Alhamdulillah, jam 10 pagi, hujan turun dengan lebatnya. Cuaca yang sangat sesuai untuk beradu. Luqman pun by then dah kepenatan tawaf dan bercakap 'sorang-sorang'. Akhirnya, by 10.30 pg selamatlah dia tidur. it means, it's time for me to follow suit. Ya Allah, terima kasih kerana masih memberi peluang bagi menghargai nikmat tidur, Amin. :-D

Tuesday, June 28, 2011


He..he..he.. laporan ini has nothing much to do with the reality-like documentary on SBS yer...although, I watched the show and SERIOUSLY urged others to do so, especially Episode 2. I am still reserving my comments! On Tuesday the 28th of June (tonight), SBS One will air a forum in conjunction with the program. It will be interesting to see how the forum's discussion goes. 

Ini laporan "the week before I go back to where I came from"

On Monday the 20th, we had another session of the Thesis Writing Support Circle at the library. Cik Ummi Salwa yang has submitted her thesis 2 weeks before, was kind enough to join our group and shared some of her tips for final editing process. Thank you Cik Ummi yer. We wish her all the best for her future undertakings, Amin.

On Tuesday the 21st, I met my other supervisor, LM at the AIFS in the city. The thing about being in the city, it always happened to be a whole day trip, even if the meeting only last for one hour. Penat-penat...when the city's weather is wonderful, it always 'tricked' you into walking longer then you used to. Tau2 je dah 3 blocks. You only know how tired you are when you reached home ;-) However, the meeting went very well, and LM gave a lot of useful tips for my writing progress.

On Wednesday the 22nd, I finalize all the IACM conference preparation, including all the SSRN uploading and what not. I think there's over a hundred papers due to be presented, through panel discussion and posters at the conference. I am actually quite surprised with the scale of the conference. Ish..ish.. cam malu gak lah...coz some of the papers sound so 'hot shot'... sigh. But then again, what is that feeling compared to being in Istanbul :-D

On Thursday the 23rd, I had a photo shoot for the uni's web - student profile update. Tah apalah ghupernya, walaupun the photograher looks a bit like Annie Leibovitz versi Australia, but I am not too sure my portrait photo will be able to win any lifetime award ha..ha..ha..Regardless, I am actually excited to see what's the end result of my student profile.

On Friday the 24th, I had a progress report meeting with Uwais' kinder teacher Amy. Uwais masih buat perangai nak pi kinder. But at kinder, bila intai2 seronok jer dia, aku nampak. So when I talked to Amy, she said there's nothing to worry about him. When he's at kinder, he thoroughly enjoyed his day there. Amy said: "Perhaps he's just trying to make you feel guilty". BINGO! Well, I think perhaps that's the case too. So we have decided that Uwais will just continue at kinder as usual in Term 3. I hope the next 2 weeks term break will help re-freshen his love for kinder life.

On the Saturday the 25th, early in the morning, I received news that my cousin Azety had lost her husband, due to a cardiac arrest in Malacca. Terkedu sat, I 'feel' for her. And with all girls in her family, they have now lost a father figure. He was 39 years old. Salam takziah from my family and me to her family. Al-Fatihah. Hopefully, I will get to get to see her and family in the next coming days. Later in the day, I tried as much as possible to redraft my Malaysian context chapter. Terasa seperti sedikit sgt penambahbaikannya. But still, it has to be done, so I have something for my supervisor SB, as promised.

On Sunday the 26th, I attended the Victoria Malaysian Postgraduates Association (VMPGA) Annual General Meeting at the Malaysian Hall in my capacity as one of the AJK Pemilihan AJK baru VMPGA 2011/2012. At the end of the AGM, Cikgu Sam from Monash University was announced as the new president. Tahniah to him and his new team! I wished them all the best in continuing VMPGA's quest in upholding the welfare of its members, Insya Allah.

On Monday the 27th, I met my supervisor, SB to submit the context chapter and discussed the thesis structure (FINALLY!). He's happy with the structure, and I pray that he won't be changing his mind later, Amin. We ended the meeting with him giving me some insights on Istanbul, or in his words - Constantinople (yet, again :-P) and his Malaysia's shopping list request. Save to say, it's not Axion this time around LOL! After the meeting, it's time to be in Aliyah's school for a 3 way parent teacher conference with her class teacher Katherine. It's supposed to be done on Wednesday, but I opted to do it 2 days earlier because I will be in KL by that time. Aliyah's report progress is all well, especially her reading. One thing she really excelled at is processing instructions and always asking questions if she's not sure of her tasks. Well done, Kakak!

On Tuesday the 28th, I am supposed to be flying home tonight, but I haven't packed my bags and I am still writing this!, I am off packing now. Please pray for the safety of our journey. May Allah bless all of you and your endevours too. Amin

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Kakak & Abang @ AGORA
It's almost the end of term 2 at both Aliyah's and Uwais' school. And while Aliyah has finally embraced school life and improved tremendously at her social skills, Uwais has somewhat regressed. He, who once jumped off his bed to go to kinder in Term 1, has now voiced all sorts of excuses for not going. Sometimes he'd say "Abang nak tidur 100 malam dulu baru nak pi school" or the likes of "Kalau snow baru abang nak pi school" :-P

I must admit, I have a soft spot for him, so when he's stressing out not wanting to go to kinder, it somewhat triple my stress - more so than my PhD stress level! I have talked to the kinder teacher, Amy, and will have a mid year term meeting next Friday with her. It baffled me why he's doing this. From Amy's regular report, I know that while in Term 1, he'd just enjoyed the kinder by himself - not wanting to engage with others, Term 2 has been different for him. He has started to play with others, instead of playing only with the toys on his own, he's talking more in English and relates with all his kinder friends. In Amy's words - there's a lot of improvement!

But lately, he'd refused to go. I guess, being a free-spirit that he is, the 'regimented' schedule of kinder has taken a toll on him. He felt confined, I think by the schedule. Now I will have to figure out how to go about Term 3. It's either to pull him out totally of the kinder and send him to daycare @ Latrobe Uni's Child Care or really cutting down on his hours @ days at kinder. Both has its pros and cons. And, I don't even know which one is less stressful, either for me or for him :-( Sigh....

Confined?! :-D

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Show and Tell

Sekarang ni musim 'Show and Tell' kat kinder Uwais. So kadang2 sampai ke rumah pun 'show and tell' lagi. Tapi kalau ada sesiapa yang boleh faham cerita dia yang tak cukup nafas ni, mmg aku salute he..he..he.. Aku tak sempat nak transcribe video ni - tapi some clues, there's tinker bell, some magic powers and the ability to fly Go figure!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Favourites and Dreams

Image Courtesy - AHG
This is my favourite ride. Nothing fancy, just typical-me style ride he..he..he... day, after Hajj, dizinkan Allah, dimurahkan rezeki dan dipanjangkan umur, and when the kids are all in schools, I am going to get one of these! And like Uwais, I want it in RED :-D

Then I am going to pursue my dream of running a complete marathon and continue my long lost 'Adventurous' activities, including hiking, mountain climbing and cave-trotting. That time I am going to drag my DH along with me, whether he likes it or not. He watch Mr Bear in Man vs Wild all the time, and called him 'Crazy'! Although, I am not Crazy Mr Bear, but there's something about being one with nature, that I somewhat cannot explain. You can only appreciate it when you are there - and survived the insects ;-P. For me, I loved the caves, especially . I have been to several during my bachelor days. I wished I had finished the ones in Sarawak too.

Yup...when the children starts leaving the nest...I will pursue these dreams yet again. Hopefully, I had the right density of bones, then. Who knows, if DH won't accompany me, one of the children will :-D.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Annoying Questions??

It somewhat baffled me how some of these annoying questions sounds familiar in marriage and PhD life:

When you are not married people always ask you:

Bila nak kawin?

When you have, then they started asking you:

Bila nak ada anak?

Then, when you do get one, they asked:

So bersalin biasa ke...ceaser?

And if you said ceaser, they'll interrogate you, why?

And it goes on and on, why only one child, anak angkat ker and so on so forth! So the very annoying one!

While, in academic life, the question would be:

Bila nak buat Phd?

When you finally landed in the loop, they will asked?

Bila nak habis?

Then, when you finally finished it, they asked:

So habis on time ke...extend?

And if you said extend, they interrogate you, why...why..and why?

And it goes on and on, why did that happen or why didn't you do that and so on so forth! 

It's so annoying how similar these questions are! They never seemed to leave you be. Worst, if you are stuck with both situations at the same time. (I had experience the first situation for awhile - so I can relate) So please lah people...give it a rest! 

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Setahun Lagi

Alhamdulillah, tarikh ini tiba lagi dalam kehidupan ku. Semenjak semalam sudah ada beberapa orang yang 'mengingatkan' aku tarikh ini, maklumlah selalu buat-buat lupa sekarang ni :-D. Aliyah sudah ulang-ulang hampir seminggu. Rabea, supervisor 'moonlighting' aku pun dah tanya semalam. Sarah Kim dan Makcik Dussanee kat office pun dah bagi kad dan hadiah pun semalam. Thank you...thank you.. :-)

Pukul 5.30 pagi pulak Luqman dah bangun sambil babble2. Tah hapa2 jer bebelnya. So aku pun bangun. Aku bila bangun pagi, mesti cek telefon dulu. (Bad Habit?!) Alih2...tgk ada email drpd VC. Terkejut seh, ingatkan kena marah sebab mintak advance scholar ;-) Rupa-rupanya Dato' bagi kad ulangtahun kelahiran kasih lah Dato'. Tak kasi can kat saya nak perasan muda he..he..he..  

There are several events planned for today - but for starters, before school both Aliyah and Uwais sang happy birthday to me :-) Thank you for those early well wishes.

At lunch time I had a lunch date with a couple of friends from the thesis writing circle. Immediately after the discussion session, I went straight home to pick up DH and Luqman for my birthday treat trip. 

First stop was Aliyah's school at 3.30 pm. She eagerly showed me a card she had spent the day making at school. Thanks My Dear :-D

Next stop, Uwais' kinder. Then off we drove to Roza Restaurant @ 131 Sydney Road for our early dinner rendezvous. DH belanja. YeaY!!

The Restaurant served a mixture of African & Arabian food. There's two section to the restaurant. The front one biasa-biasa saja macam restaurant lain. Tp section belakangnya lah yang sangat menarik. Makan bersila, dalam kabin yang telah diubahsuai mcm ala-ala 'khemah' Bedouin lah. Sangat cantik dan menarik! 

Food wise, not bad. Although, we both prefer nasi daging/bukhori (especially the one cooked by Kak Gee - Ustaz Razak), but for AUD 12 sehidang quarter chicken/lamb dan nasi minyak basmati dua kaler yang sgt banyak, mmg sgt berbaloi lah. In fact, satu hidang boleh makan 2 orang dewasa. Kalau nak makan dlm dulang pun boleh jugak. But we figured nak tapau balance, so we all mintak hidangan berasingan. The children really like the nasi - especially the orange ones :-D

I think next time boleh dtg lagi and try a different menu, minus the children, especially LUQMAN! Dia tak boleh duduk diam sekali. Geram jer dia tgk semua makanan2 dok kat depan mata dia. Semua dia nak capai. Adus makan pun terkepit-kepit -> kepit dia... ha..ha..ha.. spoil betul ;-)

Look at him trying to go everywhere!

Anyway, it was a good birthday. Alhamdulillah, kerana masih diberikan masa oleh Allah untuk menghargai kehidupan dan Insya Allah berusaha berbuat lebih banyak kebaikan. Amin.

A/T: This morning, I had another round at the food we took home from the restaurant. And I actually think, the food was very good, especially with the price tag of AUD12. Even Aliyah requested 'Nasi Oren' to be her lunch today. I think perhaps Luqman got to me (from enjoying the food) last night ;-) Alright....who wants to babysit him next time around?? :-D

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Suka Kena Marah ;-)

Semalam, Uwais kena marah dengan babah sebab nak makan makanan yang dah kehabisan stok kat rumah walaupun dah berkali-kali explain kat dia. Lepas tu dia pulak tak nak makan bila time makan, dan bila semua orang dah habis makan, baru dia beria-ria nak makan. Terkebil-kebil mata dia kena marah. Sian pulak tengok.

So lepas kena marah, aku suruh kemas-kemas dan masuk tidur. Atas katil, aku pun saja-saja tanya, assessing his state of mind and feeling.

Me: Abang suka ke kena marah?

Dengan lajunya dia kata,

Uwais: Sukaaa...

Me: Hah? (immediate shock ;-P) Kenapa pulak?

Lepas tu dia jawab selamba,

Uwais: Sebab Abang tak nangis pun...

Me: ha..ha..ha..ha..(terbahak-bahak aku gelak, tak terfikir langsung jawapan ni yang aku akan dpt drpd dia)

Pastu bila citer kat DH, dia pun nak tergelak gak., always makes me laugh, even in the most unexpected moment :-D 

A/T: Busy moonlighting...