Friday, January 1, 2016

One year with Alisha Sofiyah :-D

January will always be extra special now. We now not only celebrate Luqman's and Abah's birthday, but also our darling Sofiyah. There's just so many things going on in the past few months towards the end of 2015, at times I feel guilty for not being able to write about her more. She's been a wonderful baby and her abang2 and kakak really adored her. She started walking by December and she's been even more fun to be around now, albeit being curious at so many things around her and starting to throw tantrums :-P. For me, she's a life saver, a saviour from all the stress and sufferings that our family is going through at the moment. She represents some sort of progress in my life, when work is practically a draggggg. When she flashed her cheeky smile at me, who cares if the world around me nak melingkup hahaha... I swear I will be better for her, so she can grow up to be a better person too.    

Alhamdulillah, 2016 started well enough. Although Mama is not well and Abah pulak is coping with his heart chamber problem, we tell ourselves we need to be positive and soldier on. The economy pulak although looking dim and gloomy from some people's view, but for our family it is going to be fine, In Sya Allah. I think what I couldn't stand is not so much of the macro level of things, but at how some people are so microscopic at how they see their life and how they tend to affect other people's life. It's belittling, it's annoying, it's frustrating, it's demotivating. But I wanted to stay away from all this negativity, prepping myself and people around me for something better ahead. When the time is right, I hope I am ready to move on, move along and move ahead. Probably some day Allah will show the way. In Sya Allah.

At the moment, I will simply enjoy Sofiyah and her toddler years. Who knows this is my last chance at having little ones at home :-)

Happy birthday my love!!! Mama loves you to pieces :-D

Celebrating all our January babies last week, Abah's, Luqman's, Sofiyah's
& their uncle - Uncle Zack's birthdays