Monday, September 19, 2016

R & R

The past few weeks, I had the chance to join in the exercise in attending to job applicants for my campus. I had the chance to exchange some related info with a few of my Sarawak seniors about one job applicant from Sarawak and some other 'infamous' applicants. The info shared with me made me noticed that, when we assigned jobs, tasks, or positions, we subconsciously (or maybe even intentionally) abide by the 2 R principles - 'Rapport & Reputation'. You don't get to be assigned a particular job, task nor post solely based on your CV. Most times you get assigned based on your good 'Rapport & Reputation'. Building a good 'Rapport & Reputation' involved a lot of time, efforts and most importantly, honesty and sincerity. 

Sometimes, people of good Rapport but with unscrupulous work Reputations get the job, which means, the job will never get done properly. They are busy projecting that they are great at their jobs, but in truth they are merely using flattery as a smokescreen for their incompetencies.   

Sometimes, people with bad Rapport but excellent work Reputation get the job, which means, he/she will not last long in the job, if you know what I mean 😒 . It is said that 'Flattery makes Friends and Truth makes Enemies'. So most times that is how it's going to be. No nonsense people have no time to flatter their superiors. What's more important is to get the job done, and to get it done properly. Fortunately for these kind of people, they usually will want to swiftly move on to do other things rather than linger around.

So at the end of the day, people who have both the 2 R principles applicable in their lives will always try to fill the empty spot with others based on the same principles. But then again, people with the 2 R principles rarely got chosen to be the one to make the choice. Again, if you know what I mean 😉