Thursday, July 16, 2015

Marking Raya

The next time somebody asked me why I have put on weight?? Know that it's caused by:

1) Raya

2) Marking in the midst of Raya

There's just too much stress involved. How can one celebrate in peace, when there's just too many scripts left untouched?

She eats.


Tuesday, July 14, 2015

A Post For Ramadan

It's almost mid July & Ramadan this year is almost over. Lots have been happening. How I wish whatever that runs through my mind could self-write themselves into this blog :-)

Anyway,  there's some milestones that's worth noting and celebrating:

1) Sofiyah turns 6 months earlier this month. She can now sit unassisted, crawl, stand assisted, eat soft blended food and has 2 lower teeth coming up. She sure is trying to play catch up with her sister and brothers :-D

2) Uwais started fasting this year. Last year, he didn't even want to try. So this year, I wasn't hoping much. But he said he wants to do it, so I let him be. It was difficult the first few days and some days in between but he made it through. He'd also started performing his Solah regularly now, and hopefully it will continue on past this month In Sya Allah.

3) I have tried to cook almost every day for Ramadan. It's very exhausting, even if the dishes were rather simple or even over simplified. Adding to that exhaustion, things at work that has been rather hectic due to the transitioning post. At the moment I am still marking exam scrips. The dateline is just a few days after raya. So definitely no raya for me this year.

4) In fact, there's this one thing I really feel this year, the lost of any much desire to celebrate raya like it used to be. Probably because my grandparents is no longer doing so well health wise. Probably because I think I'm getting rather too old for this. Maybe because I find the "excessiveness" of raya celebrated in Malaysia rather distasteful. I don't know. Maybe there's just too many things on my mind. I just wanna have the day come and life goes back as usual (as if it has always been usual). But I know it's not going to happen.  There will be a minimum of at least 3 other functions in conjunction with raya. Not that it's a bad thing. But it does take much time away from all the other important stuff needing attention. Oh well, let's just enjoy all the varieties & abundance of food.

Selamat Menyambut Aidilfitri everyone

Maaf zahir dan batin

If that really means anything

But I meant it :-)

Take care & Stay safe!