Saturday, May 25, 2013

Hari Apresiasi Mesih Basuh

This is my home's washing machine. There's nothing fancy about it. It's 2003 then, and we couldn't afford a front load washing machine (I was told a front load washing machine cleans better, uses less water and less electricity) So we bought this one instead, at the cost of RM1099 and it can carry a maximum of 8.5 kg of load at a time. (As for the 'load size' I was being forward looking, plus I could wash some of my less delicate comforter in it haha)

I remembered the first day we bought it, I watched in amusement when my husband stood over it observing with great intensity at every phase the washing machine was going through. Since then, the washing machine has become our beloved bibik. Well, at least it's 1/3 of the bibik in my household, the other 1/3 being myself and my husband (err, maybe 1/4 me and the other 3/4 him hehe) Having the machine thus strengthens our pact to never have a maid at home . 

Gone are the days where I would be stuck in the bathroom for hours, drenched wet doing laundries. It's a reminiscent of those early years in my life ,when I had to help my mom washed my siblings' dirty cloth nappies. Back then diapers were considered luxurious items. So my mom sew the nappies herself. I remembered my small sis and bro had to wear layers of them inclusive of a plastic pant. Their butts will look a bit like Donald Duck . And of course, I was given the task to wash layers of them every other day. Needless to say, it's not a very enjoyable affair. It's pure torture! So when I got married and found history repeating itself, minus the cloth nappies, I promised myself this will not go on! So I got myself this washing machine once we finally settled down to a more permanent dwelling arrangement.

So far it has continues to serve us well. There's this only one time when the piping was a bit problematic since it's going into its 9th year, the year we came back for good from Melbourne. But my husband applied his "Mcgyver" skills and Alhamdullilah the machine got back on track to reach it's 10th year.

Salam ulang tahun ke 10 mesin basuh ku, sesungguhnya dirimu sungguh berharga. Tahukah dikau, jasamu melampaui kebolehan terasmu. Tidak boleh kubayangkan jikalau kau tiada, pasti usaha dalam menuju keharmonian rumahtangga, hanya tinggal "ke dan an". Terima kasih. Semoga kau kekal berbakti sehingga masa pergimu tiba suatu hari nanti.

I dedicate this post to all the small things in life I tend to take for granted. 
Life as I see it ~ NFN.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Birthday Song

For the past two days Aliyah keeps on campaigning of her wishes to be excused from going to school on Wednesday. This coming Wednesday will be her 9th Birthday. She had already eyed that day since last week it seems. At first I don’t know why. But then after awhile, I found out that she’s dreading the day since she knew that on every birthday, her class teacher will ask the rest of her classmates to sing the birthday song to the birthday girl. She wants no part of it, because she felt shy suddenly being the centre of attention in front of the class for 5 minutes (This ‘perangai’ is so me, where else would she get this haha). When I asked whether she wants me to set up goodies bags for her classmates, she adamantly said no (more so because she wants to escape school that day, so what's the point, right?). Then, I said fine we’ll figure out other ways to offer sadaqah. 

To her that 5 minutes is a long time, compared to the whole day of school that she requested to be excused from, had I said yes, that is. But of course I would say – no ;-) Yesterday, she was at it again. There I was trying to ‘create’ some rationales why being the centre of attention for 5 minutes as the birthday girl for the day is not such a bad thing. The likes of saying things like you should appreciate it that your classmates spend times to acknowledge your birthday, bla bla bla…but then she dropped the bomb. “But ma, they will sing the song in 5 different languages plus the ‘Allah selamatkan kamu’ song! If they had sing 1 song, it'll all be done in 1 minute!” 

Ahaaah…no wonder, 1 song is bearable, ‘5 plus 1’ is definitely torture! So now what? To her I said - redho jerlah kakak haha ~ Life As I See It. NFN 

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Let's start afresh

These past couple of weeks had been a difficult time for me. By the time I realised what was going on and how 'cokia' I had handle it, it was already too late for me. I was drowned by other people's thoughts and somewhat swayed to comply with their views, that I had forgotten about mine. I had forgotten that it's alright to be different. I had forgotten to do what I usually do best, going against the tide regardless of how strong the current is, when I know deep down in my heart that's the right thing to do. I had forgotten that I had a voice and that I should continue to seek the truth and simply stick to it. Simply said; I had forgotten to be myself.

I had forgotten that when in pain, the best thing I should do is write them down. It's therapeutic, at least for me. There's no point in joining the bandwagon of negativity. There's no need to be apologetic of my own views. In the end, only the Lord's view of me really matters. I shall continue to write about my life as I see it, not how others perceived them for me. I am writing as a reminder for myself and as my inner voice for my children to relive upon someday when I'm gone from this world. I write not to be accepted, I write to simply be myself.

This will be my 330th "My Expression" post since I started blogging in 2008. To myself, I say - let's start by enjoying all the best thing in life, which are usually the small things in our daily lives that we often take for granted. Let's start afresh.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013


In the course of completing my final thesis submission, I have been slapped with claim of an outstanding fees’ payment from Latrobe University (LTU), which includes a debt on my insurance health cover for 6 months in 2011 (2012 was not an issue since I paid 2012’s cover myself) Several email communications were exchanged today to ascertain the next course of action since I have proof that I had submitted my financial guarantee last year (2012). All these email communications was forwarded to my supervisor. 

He then emailed me personally with the word “Hutang” in the Reference line :-) The following is our communication:


O the scandal! Into debtor’s prison you will go!

Are you likely to be in KL around Wednesday 29 or Thursday 30 May as I might be having a stop-over.

Hope you are keeping well

Best wishes


Then I replied:


Oh Simon they are so lousy! I had given the letter by hand last year. In Malay word - Mangkuk Ayun!

I am tracing all my emails now as proof.

I am not sure whether I will be in KL at that time since I have class. But it can be arranged I guess. Will you be spending the night in KL?


Then he replied:
What is a swinging bowl?

Do not worry about a special trip – I hope we will catch up another time. Besides, I cannot be seen with those in debt!


And I said:

Now that you've translated it, I am not so sure anymore hahaha

It's just a 'turn of phrase', in this case meaning 'useless' in a way :-)

I will try to get this sorted before you leave for the UK."

Just for the record, I won my case with the LTU International Office, and am no longer a scandalous debtor. Therefore they are really mangkuk ayun :-P

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

POST GE13 - Cloud 9

Sudah lama tidak menulis. Saya kira tak perlu pos khas untuk pandangan selepas Pilihanraya Umum 13. Banyak sekali yang berlegar-legar di ruang siber. Bacalah dan tapis sebelum menerimanya. Yang pastinya kita perlu terus berusaha! Bukan hanya bergegar setiap 5 tahun sekali, tetapi setiap masa. Itu tuntutan Islam yang benar.

Cuma hari ini ada sedikit perasaan berbunga-bunga. Sesungguh tiada kena mengena dengan Pilihanraya, tetapi ruangan membincangkan keputusan Pilihanraya itu telah membawa aku ke suatu darerah lain dalam hidup ku. I'm on cloud 9!! Ahh, nak diterangkan pun sedikit bermasalah. Masalah takut ada yang salah sangka haha... Apapun hari ini aku mahu senyum, senyum sehingga ke dalam-dalam  sudut hati. Ya, Allah itu penyimpan segala rahsia kehidupan. Aku redha. Aku tunggu yang bakal hadir di masa hadapan. Semoga ianya lebih baik daripada hari ini, In Sha Allah. Senyum semua :-)