Friday, May 23, 2014

In Transition

So we made the move from SP to Seremban, finally. I almost thought it was going to be an easy transition. but i was partly wrong.
After 13 years in SP, it was not an easy feat to ease in into a new environment, an unfamiliar environment even if it was still in Malaysia. i thought i would be as excited as I would be when I went to Melbourne, a totally uncharted territory for me, but I wasn't. Melbourne was a totally new environment. Seremban is not really new in that sense but rather unfamiliar. Further we had to rent a new smaller place which made everything seem 'constrained'. I kept telling myself this is temporary, but considering we'd still need to get settled down somehow along the way, all of this constraints will need to be tackled as soon as possible. 
And of course, I terribly missed SP where everything had been so well planned and supported. Friends, food, familiarity and all... 
I tell myself again and again I need to give it a chance, that the move itself was very exhausting and the settling down process and getting familiar with the new place will need some time, but I can't help feeling rather helpless at times.
Alhamdulillah, the new office environment is good, met some new and old friends and got a good school for Aliyah & Uwais, 5 minutes away from the office. As for Luqman, we found a daycare for him near our rental, looks ok, but we'll need to give him some time to adjust. This will be his last year in daycare, hopefully, so we're counting months.
Hopefully, we'll get a more permanent place soon. We'd actually took almost a year before in SP to find a house, but we had no children then. Now it seems rather pertinent to find one sooner. but of course, various factors will need to be considered, including costs and location.
in the meantime, i'm embarking on decorate office project! at least that's something to look forward to