Sunday, July 21, 2013

Beauty radiated in eternity

Beauty radiated in eternity
With its light;
Love was born
And set the worlds alight.

It revealed itself to angels
Who knew not how to love;
It turned shyly towards man
And set fire to his heart.

Reason ventured to light
Its own flame and wear the crown,
But Your radiance
Turned the world
Of reason upside down.

Others got pleasure
As was their fate.
My heart was
Towards sadness inclined;
For me, sorrow was destined.

Beauty yearned to see itself;
It turned to man to sing its praise ~ Hafiz (1320-1389)

English version - Mahmood Jamal

I saw parts of the poem in Melbourne in 2012. I finally found the full version. I've always loved it, so I thought I should inked them down so my memory won't fail me.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Whatsapping Mama

I watched with great amusement as my 58-years-old mom made the transition from the normal sms to 'Whatsapp'. I was there at the initiation cum tutorial session and it was hilarious. She'd press enter even before she finished typing a sentence, so in the beginning her text would be all 'tergantung-gantung', sometimes making no sense at all. Then in the Family Whatsapp's group, she got confused who was 'talking' because it seems like everybody is 'talking' all at the same time and she can't keep up with who was sending the messages! haha...

Sometimes she even lost-track on what was being talked about or totally lose the flow of the conversation. "Soalan lain, jawapan lain" was a common occurrence hahaha. "Susahnya, macam mana ni??" was her initial comments and I was snapping away her pictures in her 'struggles' to get used to the whole thing and sending the snaps in the whatsapp group just for laughs (because eventually she would received them too) 

Well, that was 3 weeks ago, now she can even used the app's icons/emoticons and she's getting pretty good at it hehe... Every evening now, she'd rushed home from work, get within the house's Wifi zone and eagerly waited for all the messages to come in, and when there's none she'd be the one sending out messages - wondering why is everybody keeping quiet and usually asking for more pantun-pantin from all of us