Thursday, February 16, 2017

Seminar Companies Act 2016’s Implementation

So, life must go on...

Next immediate project will be handling the Seminar on the "Companies Act 2016's Implementation".

The Companies Act 2106 is now in its first implementation phase starting from the end of January 2017. It’s a brand new statute with some major changes that totally revamp how company law and its compliance is dealt with.

So I thought organizing a seminar would be the next best thing to going for a holiday... haha

Anyway, please click the link above for further details. I hope the seminar will help especially academics who need to prep for the new company law course soon. It will be a transitioning period for all, and hopefully the seminar will shed some light on how we prepare for the new implementation of the Companies Act 2016.

 The main topics of discussion would be:
  • “Implementation and enforcement of the Companies Act 2016: Key Changes”
  • “Companies Act 2016 vs Companies Act 1965: Academic issues in transition”

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