Sunday, February 4, 2018

Hak Anda sebagai Tuan Rumah & Penyewa

Fuhh ... tajuknya begitu serius sekali. 

But naaaa I won't be writing about the whole thing pun, I will just share this post here for everyone to read and ponder upon it - kisah Makcik Bawang (not sure why bawang jadi mangsa here haha) yang tak makan duit haram kononnya.

Anyway, this is going to be my 601th post since I started blogging in 2008...Hey! it's a decade of blogging already...hurrahh :-) But let's not lie to myself - it's already February of 2018 and I am finding it difficult to keep a regular update. And let's face the fact - who actually read blogs anymore just for the sake of it. They always come for a reason, they are not really following your life story (you thing you are Kim K ka??), unless of course they are interested to know what mischief you have been up to lately - yes, I am talking to you, you gossip-monger!

I started writing in this blog pun, used to be because I wanted to share my stories to my family and friends while we were in Australia from 2008 - 2012. Then since I came home, I kinda lose track of it all, what more with the advent of Instagram (love FB then, but not anymore). Even on my other blogs - blogs with academic orientations pun tak sempat nak update. Leisure writing is definitely a privilege nowadays. I thought of keeping to a particular timeline, but alas still couldn't because of so many other things that needed to be prioritized. Then I started logging daily events on the JOURNAL app, so lagi lah I find no reason to write for the public anymore.  

Thoughts of quitting this blog altogether come from time to time - but I kinda feel probably I should find another way of keeping my writing together. But that is going to be for me to figure out by myself...boring stuff.

Ok, back to kisah makcik halalharam di atas - so far kes macam ni mmg ada di kampus, not exactly like this. Ada yang pelajar kena keluar rumah less than 24 hours, ada yang berkoyan-koyan message call baru nak pulangkan deposit, ada tuan rumah yang suka hati keluar masuk rumah without permission penyewa, ada yang tipu pelajar tentang rumah, mcm2 lagi lah. But I think kes macam ni is really over the top lar - suka hati jer makcik tu, mentang-mentanglah deal dgn students. Padan jugak lah dgn treatment dia tu terhadap students tu. Tapi in my campus, byk kes nya, sampai tahap gertak-gertak je, then both parties will eventually solved the problem anyway, sometimes with the help of the college officers and the pegawai pembangunan pelajar. But it's interesting now that since this colleague of mine have decided to forward the case to court in order to assist the students with their claim, then this shall become a 'precedent' for the students here too. Congratulations to her for her advice and the students for standing up for their rights! 

But since I quit all my posts since last May, I haven't been really getting into any of this anymore. Probably for the best. So I think posting all this is the best I can do for now. I have become very invested some times before with the legal advising tasks that I become easily frustrated with the lack of Itqan of some people I work with. I am so happy not needing to deal with these suckers anymore, haha I will probably go dye my hair blue soon. Now, I take one day at a time - and have my own KPI. This year - there shall be 3 papers published after 2-3 years of postponement, 1 conference paper and I am working on 2 books to be published with two colleagues from Pahang and Melaka, Insya Allah. 

In the meantime...we wait for another post of mine...soon? Maybe not soon enough :-)

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